About Us


  • To nurture the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset of HSUHK students
  • To develop and maintain a network of supporters for innovative and entrepreneurial activities at HSUHK
  • To serve the wider community in the domains of entrepreneurial development, innovative thinking and creativity enhancement; and
  • To share and disseminate the best practices of entrepreneurship and creativity education to the wider community


Advisory Board

  • Dr David Chui (Head and Associate Professor (Practice) of EAF)
  • Prof Desmond Hui (Head and Professor of AAD)
  • Mr Brian Ho (Executive Assistant to the Chairman and Executive Supervisor of Accounting and Finance Office of Karrie International Holdings Limited)
  • Dr Measure K.F. Hung (Chairman of Mobicon Group Ltd.)
  • Mr Kevin Lee (Founder & CEO of Redspots Creative (Hong Kong) Company Limited)
  • Mr Fred Yung (Former Head of Business Incubation Programme of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park)
Executive Committee
  • Centre Director – Dr Thomas Man (Associate Dean (Enterprise and Business Engagement) of SBUS and Associate Professor of MGT)
  • Members:
    • Dr Eden Chow (Senior Lecturer of ACY)
    • Dr Kelvin Ho (Senior Lecturer of MKT)
    • Dr Kenneth Kwong (Assistant Professor of MKT)
    • Dr Liane Lee (Assistant Professor of MKT)
    • Dr Daniel Mo (Associate Dean (Engagement) of SDSC and Associate Professor of SCM)
    • Dr Patrick Mok (Assistant Professor of AAD)
    • Dr Siu Sai Cheong (Associate Professor of STFL)
Administrative Staff Member
  • Ms Esther Woo (Executive Officer)
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